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There is a in Belmopan, Belize (Central America). It was founded and is directed by a lady named Leonie Gillham. She is also a Mother to the children who live there, who add up to more than 50. Responsibility for her large family’s food, clothes and education also lies on Leonie’s shoulders. Finances for the Home come from a couple of different sources. The Government of Belize makes their regular input that covers approximately 20 per cent of the Home’s needs. Individual donations are the major source of funding but they are unpredictable as this funding is dependent on personal resources and a willingness to give. The question was once asked of Leonie, “What do you do when there’s no food to feed the children?”; she answered, “We pray”. This is the kind of devotion in which Leonie lives her life and shows to others. It is with this attitude of humbleness that she gave the name to the orphanage King’s Children Home , consecrating the house, the children and their care into God’s hands.


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